Times have changed and with it, the way our workforce does their work has also changed. Yes, our employees are no longer bound by time or distance. Smartphones and tablets have ensured an always connected, always on work set of employees.

In such a scenario it only makes great business to channelize the mobility of this connected workforce to your advantage. The team of experts at XSAT India is equipped to offer all this and more. XSAT India's Total Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions empower the performance of your employees and help you stay ahead of competition.

XSAT India has assisted many organizations to smartly work this mobility to their advantage. No wonder then, XSAT India is the trusted and chosen Enterprise Mobility Services provider for major Indian companies.

XSAT India becomes GEMA’s eleventh alliance member overall

The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) is an independent joint venture providing global managed enterprise mobility services. Multi-national organisations today are looking for transparent and seamless services for the deployment, support, and management of their mobile workforce. GEMA’s core offerings of Consult, Procure, Deploy, Control, Manage and Assist enable organizations to scale globally while receiving local in-country support where they operate around the world.

GEMA’s members are leading Managed Mobility Services providers in their own markets and include the following: BMobile/Grupo Scanda (Mexico), Emitac Mobile Solutions, LLC (EMS) (Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Eastern Europe); Mobila (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg);MSC Mobility Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand); Navita (Latin America); Nation Sky (China); SCHIFFL GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, Austria and Switzerland); Qolcom (UK), Vox Mobile Inc. (US and Canada) and YouCo S.r.l (Italy).

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XSAT India has allied offices in Dubai and USA. For more details please click on www.xsatglobal.com
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